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It is our pleasure to present to you our proposal of a cruise to Bornholm. To your disposal we offer a luxurious ship recommissioned in June 2005 following an overhaul.
The ship boasts: a restaurant and café Spacious open decks provide a great view of the sea vistas and allow for sunbathing during the cruise. The caboose will add to that trip delicious meals served by its chef.
The proposed trip combines the elements of tourism and education in geography, biology and history.
Cruise to Bornholm
Proposed itinerary:
06.30 – start of customs
07.00 – departure from Kołobrzeg to Nexo
07.00 – 11.30 - during the cruise:
breakfast (not included in the ticket price), navigation lesson, tour of the ship, Mariner's knots lesson given by the Boatswain.
11.30 – arrival to Nexo, customs
12.00 – 16.00 – please find below the available options.
We propose three options of trips:
Option 1

A 4-hour touring trip with a Polish guide.

The trip starts at the Nexø port at 12:00 pm.

Drive along the rocky eastern coast through Arsdale – the location of a Dutch windmill museum, which is still in operation.

Stop in Svaneke for about 45 minutes. Svaneke is the smallest town in Denmark. It is a charming little place which, thanks to its location, enjoys the most hours of sun in Denmark. A number of colorful houses surround a vibrant market square in the center.

The local Svaneke Bryhus is the only brewery producing beer according to old Bornholm recipes. The beer is available in several variants.

One very interesting place is the candy factory, where you can learn about the process of making confectionery products.

A small glassworks is also worth seeing. Departure at 1:00 pm.

Drive through Listed, Gudhjem, Tejn, Allinge and a 1-hour stop at Hammershus, where you can see the ruins of one of Northern Europe’s largest castles.

Departure at 2:45 pm.

Drive through Rutsker, Klemensker, Arsballe, the Almindingen forest, Vestermarie, arrival in Nylars and a 15-minute stop. This is the location of one of Bornholm’s four rotunda churches. These churches – shrouded in the legend of Knights Templar – excite visitors’ imagination and bewitch with unique architecture. This is the best-preserved rotunda church on the island.

Drive through Aakirkeby and return to Nexø at 4 pm.


Trip schedule may be changed without prior notice.

Option 2

A 5-hour version of the trip described under OPTION 1 with an extra visit to the NATURBORNHOLM multimedia education/exhibition center.

NATURBORNHOLM is the key to understanding and discovering the island. It is the largest investment since the construction of the Hammershus castle and one of the island’s biggest attractions. Since 2005, it has boasted a 4-star tourism quality mark. It is a wonderful multimedia exhibition center providing active access to knowledge so that everyone finds something interesting. A trip in a time machine, a face-to-face meeting with a Bornholm dinosaur, a 90,000-liter aquarium with Baltic Sea fish as well as other attractions encourage many tourists to come back and explore new secrets of the island. The trip ends in Nexø at 5.00 pm.

Pricelist of optional trips
Option 1 90 zł per person
Option 2 135 zł per person
Please note:
We reserve the right to change the pricelist.
The cruise ticket price does not include the trip price.
To obtain additional information please call or email our specialists available from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00.
tel. +48 (94) 352-43-01 or +48 (94) 352-89-20
Please be advised that the presented itinerary is only a suggestion. We are open to any suggestions you might have.