Attractions on Bornholm


NaturBornholm is an experience centre, built at Klintebakken in the southern outskirts oh Aakirkeby. NaturBornholm is no less than the highest investment of the Bornholmian Society in the business of Tourism in our time. NaturBornholm is both:
  • an experience centre,
  • a “videnspaedagogisk” activity centre and
  • an internationally important geologically locality, which profitably may be visited by:
    • families and their small children,
    • youngs and grown-ups,
    • group travels and
    • pupils from primary schools and highschools.
With texts and illustrations, plants, animals and rocks plus inside- and outside activities with children the story of the bornholmian underground is told together with the present time multiple nature. NaturBornholm is place on the island oh Bornholm, where You with high advantage may start Your holidays, because in NaturBornholm You are fully inspired to be thorough about nature of Bornholm.
NaturBornholm opens literally the nature of Bornholm in inspiring the guests to find new experiences outside the roads and ppaths of the highly coloured brochures. You may have a trip to Klintebakken, to the opened fault-zone and try to spread your legs over more than 1.200 Milion Years!
Our gests leave NaturBornholm enthusiastic and we welcome new visitors!
Bornholm is a dream place for all those who are keen on playing golf. There are ideal conditions for doing this sport. Golf courses are located among fields, forests, lakes and rocks. Tourists can use three golf courses with 18 holes. Golf courses are available all year round, however, in high season advance, no later than one day, booking is necessary. Each of the golf courses has properly prepared facilities, that is:
  • equipment rent,
  • cloakrooms with showers for the players,
  • catering facilities.
Apart from theses training tutorials are also available.
Bornholm Golf Klub
Perfectly prepared for demanding amateurs on the edge of Roone, Bornholm Golf Klub ideally fits into the surrounding scenery. Convenient location and shelter of holes makes it possible to use it even in windy weather.
Nordbornholms Golf Klub Ro Golfbane
In northern part of Bornholm there is an attractive Ro Golf Course. Its exceptional qualities comprise individual, unique character, the richness of moors, forests and unequalled charm of the surrounding cliffs.
Dueodde Golf Course
During the stay in the south of island you should use the offer of local golf course, which is located directly at the famous beach Dueodde. Because of its individual conditions it is a good place for beginners.
Natural scenery of Bornholm make all those ken on angling often come here. The season lasts almost all year round and exceptional pieces of salmonoid fish can be caught here. Every year on God Friday a big event is held ‘Salmon Great Day’. All those willing must follow the rules of angling hence all those aged 18 to 67 years old must have an angling card which is available at the travel agent`s, at post office, at some camp sites. The angling card is personal and must be carried while angling. It can be bought for the following period of validity:
  • one day,
  • one week,
  • one year.
The angler must be familiar with all regulations in force as well as what the smallest allowed size of each species of fish is. Angling on Bornholm mostly means fishing cod from fishing boats, however fishing from shore is none the less attractive. The rich offer covers brown trout spinner angling or fly-bait angling from the shore or trolling for salmon.
Diving on Bornholm
Waters around Bornholm are very clean thanks to lack of any industry and great care for natural environment shown by the Danes. Waters are characterised by great clarity (10 to 15 m), the bottom is rocky and goes down in shelves. There is a variety of plant life from shrubs of rockweed that can be found from 0 down to 6 – 8 meters through seaweed that can be seen deeper down (7 to 15 m), and the red alga in particular. Small shrimps can be seen among fucus. Lower down, at 20 m the bottom is sandy, but abundant in stones and underwater ridges. Flounder and brill, sometimes impossible to be told from the surrounding sand, may be found.
Eastern part of island is characterised by sandy bottom. In this part of Baltic the most interesting findings can be seen: wooden parts of wrecks, ropes, anchors as well as whole wrecks, such as sailing ship ADA, which sank on the roadstead of the harbour of Svaneke. The wrecks lie in considerable distance and depth from the shore, usually 30 down to 40 meters. We would sugest professional guidance by an instructor – guide as well as arranging for all necessary licences and permissions.
Recommended diving venues:
  • wreck diving on Soviet submarine
Unit class: Whisky. The submarine sank in 1989 at 25 meters for unknown reasons. During trials at raising her the submarine was moved to the depth of 38 m.
Location: 2 km from the village of Vang, there is a country road to the south from the marina.
Type of bottom: stone blocks and rubble going steep down to sandy bottom.
Attractions: remains of old pier from the north, granite blocks covered with scarce plants. Flounders on sandy bottom. Level of difficulty: medium.
  • Hammeren Caves
Location: crevices in the cliff to the north of the harbour of Hammerhavn. A fascinating diving point, the caves are open in their upper part and exploration is within the reach of even less experienced divers. Depth about 17 m. For lightening conditions taking torches is recommended, distance from the shore: about 20 minute trip on the surface of water. Two under and above water crevices: the deeper one 35 meters long; outside fucus and seaweed.
  • Hullehavn
Depth: 28 meters. Good for beginners. Great variety of flora and fauna: rockweed, seaweed, flouder, goby, wrasse, shrimps as well as remains of partly burnt wooden wreck to the north of northern cape.
  • Bolsharn harbour
Depth: 5 to 12 m. A variety of bottom forms: ravines, stones, mountainous scenery as well as abundance of species of fish.
  • Svanskenhavn
Location: Svanskenhavn car park about 1.5 km to the north of Nexo. Baycwith rails for launching ships. Descend to water from the shore on stones along the rails. Old harbour for small ships. Depth: 23 meters. Bottom covered with rocks and slabs going down in tarraces, then sand and stones.
Attractions: rockweed, seaweed, flouder, goby, shrimps; at 22 m wooden rudder blade, broken mast of wreck, iron anchor.
Difficulty: medium.


Let the fact that Bornholm, a fairly small island, has 230 kilometers of cycleways speak for itself. Here, a bike will get you anywhere. It comes as no surprise that Bornholm is called a cycling paradise. Another asset is the surface quality, on Bornholm cycleways are flawlessly even, have no holes, and the pleasant attitude of the slowly-driving cars provides a sense of comfort on the inland's public roads. All cycleways are distinctively marked with green information tablets, which makes it virtually impossible to get lost. It will take 5-6 days for the average biker to visit the island. This makes a short biking holiday on Bornholm a healthy and excellent idea for leisure from May to September. There are ample bike rents (Cykeludlejning) on the island, offering bikes for one or more days. Bikes can also be rented on some camping sites or hotels. The pricing is more less the same everywhere and amounts to DKK 65 – 100 per 1 day. The network of Bornholm's cycleway comprises: the island ring road - cycleway no. 10 and regional roads 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. The distances between outermost points of the island are not large, i.e. 40 km from the north to the south and approximately 30 km from the east to the west. The island ring road is 105 km.

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