About us

Kołobrzeska Żegluga Pasażerska was established In 1994 by Mirosław Balicki and Krzysztof Kozieł.

The company carries out activity within sea tourism – domestic and international trias, cruises on the roadstead of the port of Kołobrzeg, specialised cruises for anglers, divers, banquets AT sea and conferences.

During ten years of its activity the company has been awarded many prizes and awards, such as::

  • 1996 reward ‘Product of Koszalin `96’ granted by the Voivode of Koszalin to m/v MONIKA III
  • 1999 reward in competition ‘Product of Pomerania `99’ granted by the Voivode of Pomerania and Western Pomerania to m/v MONIKA III
  • 2000 reward by the President of the Town of Kołobrzeg ‘For Contribution to the Development of Turism’ for Small Companies
  • 2001 reward in competition ‘Gold-Fish 2001’ for Small Companies from the Speaker of West Pomerania Voivodeship
  • 2002 prize for services “Man of the Year’ in Central Pomerania under the honourable patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski
  • 2003 First Prize ‘Koszalin Denarius’ for Small Companies
  • 2005 prize “Service of the Year 2005’ of Western Pomerania under the patronage of the Voivode of Western Pomerania for ‘Passenger coastal cruises, entertainment on board, cruises for anglers and divers’
  • 2006 Honourable mention on Łódź International Fair "Where Cultures Meet" in the competition for the most interesting form of promotion on the fair in the category of other companies and organisations
  • 2006 Board of the Gdańsk Fair – "Mercurius Gedanensis" medal for promotion
  • 2007 Governor of the Zachodniopomorskie Province – "Zachodniopomorskie Griffon" Silver Badge of Honour
  • 2007 Service of the year 2007 prize of Pomorze Zachodniego under the patronage of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT) in Koszalin for our tourist service - cruise to Bornholm
  • 2008 prize of the Mayor of Kołobrzeg for everyday work and invaluable assistance in actions promoting the development of local tourism

The company has implemented recognized management systems:

  • Safety Management System (ISM-CODE)
  • Ship and Shipowner Protection System (ISPS-CODE)